Yello – Vicious Games ’93 Remixes (US 12″)

yeeeeellllloooMore from Mike B in the form of some house remixes from the respected duo of Mark Picchiotti and Teri Bristol giving a 90’s revamp of the classic track , “Vicious Games” originally released on the Stella album back in 1985.So we get a techno-lite version on the “Belly trippin’ ” mix and some different guitar work on the “Vicious” mix (Not to be confused with the Vicious remix of 86) The “Dirty Dub” was revamped by Maurice “The Remix King” Johnson and given it a competent remix, with some extra vocals from Dieter Meier that were not in the original, these added vocals seem to duet with the great diva performance by Rush Winters. Rare stuff!


Smash Records ‎– 162-440 812-1 viciouscov

A1 Vicious Games (YELLO Belly Trippin’ Trance Mix) 6:38
A2 Vicious Games (Vicious Radio Mix) 4:34
B1 Vicious Games (Mo’s Dirty Ol Dub #1) 7:15
B2 Vicious Games (Vicious Vocal Club Mix) 7:14

5 thoughts on “Yello – Vicious Games ’93 Remixes (US 12″)”

    1. Ray,
      Sure! What I’m going to do is re-rip and send it later this week. Along with the La Habanera Remixes (When I find that 12”). Then I have a couple more Pete Shelley to send including the Blue Eyes 12” I picked up among re-ripping the Homosapien ICON mixes 12” (when I also find that one!). More 90’s coming soon! Then Australian batch of rips (7”s, 12”s & LP/Albums) I’m finishing up, and then back to the 80’s.

  1. hi my dear friend,please reupload new link for this …. oh this actually link is death … please refresh me a new link, i need this magic jewel

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