The Flying Lizards – Sex Machine (12″)

From 1984 and the weirdest cover you will ever hear! James Brown gets the Flying Lizards treatment which means disjointed, sampled noise, spoken posh girl vocals and humour. Sparse minimalism! This was the last release from the David Cunningham studio project “The Flying Lizard” ; it featured the deadpan voices of Michael Upton (R.I.P. -a painter and contemporary of David Hockney) and Sally Peterson (famous voice over artist) “Flesh & Steel” is even more avant garde, drum machines, voice and orchestral samples; the sound of artists getting to grips with the, then, amazing possibilities of samplers. Pioneering stuff !


Statik RecordsΒ TAK 19-12

A1 Sex Machine (Extended Version) 6:36
A2 Machine Sex 2:13
B1 Flesh And Steel (Extended Version) 8:26


11 thoughts on “The Flying Lizards – Sex Machine (12″)”

  1. I never heard this at the time. Thank you.

    To this day I still listen & smile at Dizzy Miss Lizzy but I have never heard the 12″ of that either.

    1. Winx / Djjedredy,

      I have the 12er for Money and if there is a 12” for S.B. then I do not have that one. I believe the Summertime Blues track may be on the flip of Money. It’ll be in the next 80’s batch!!

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