Careless Hands – Looking For A Secret / New Lamps For Old (7″)

carelesscovAnother obscure 7″ from an obscure band. Kind of proto-shoegaze with dub influences. Know nothing about it apart that it’s on a indie label, “Flying Kite Records” was out in 1982 and has some dwaddle about Arabian Knights and Aladdin on the back sleeve. It’s a double A side with the hippy, trippy “New Lamps For Old.”  The main track would be something Duritti Column would approve, reverbed guitars and whispered vocals. Both tracks start off a bit noisy on the static side but bear with them!


FKR 001

A Looking For A Secret 3:15
AA New Lamps For Old 2:57


  1. Alan · June 3, 2016

    could you repost this one please? Alan

    • djjedredy · June 5, 2016

      Re-upped for you Sir. Still love your blog even though Google make it really difficult to leave comments on it!

  2. Alan · June 13, 2016

    Thanks a bunch matey 🙂

  3. joeldantas15 · December 13, 2016

    Hi, any chance for a re-up, I’ll be grateful.


    • djjedredy · December 13, 2016

      Done and dusted. You would not get a quicker response from the tech support at Google 😉

      • joeldantas15 · December 13, 2016

        Thanks so much.
        All the best

  4. James · May 29

    Sorry to be cheeky but any chance of another re-up? Curious about this one!

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