Music For Pleasure – Time (12″)


Originally posted in October 2015. I’d thought I’d resurrect the link as Mike had sent over a rip. (We never normally double up, just on the rare occassion πŸ™‚ )

Another band who I’ve not featured before and really don’t know much about is Music For Pleasure. Formed in Leeds in 1979, they were a Post Punk band that eventually embraced the synth. This incarnation includedΒ Ivor Roberts (bass guitar),Β Mark Copson (lead vocal) and Christopher Oldroyd (drums) and founder member David Whitaker (Keyboards) Produced by John Brand I really like it, all bass and tribal drums and epic synths. B-side is equally epic, with shades of Simple Minds.


Whitaker went on to be in the band The Danse Society, Oldroyd went on to be in Red Lorry/Yellow Lorry.

POSPX 553musicforpcovtag

A Time (Extended Version)
B Slide (Extended Version)

One comment

  1. Vlad · November 11, 2015

    Am I the only one who hears a striking similarity to The The’s “Uncertain Smile” in the chorus?

    Interesting band but their best moments are the first two singles – “The Human Factor” and “Fuel to the Fire”, after that they went downhill slowly.

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