Grace Jones – Slave To The Rhythm (’94 Remixes)

One of my own (for a change) and four sumptuous and long remixes of this classic from 1985. This was released to promote the album “Zance” celebrating 10 years of dance mixes by ZTT. Under the watchful ear of Trevor Horn, these mixes span a variety of styles from a variety of remixers. Starting off with Dancin’ Danny D (D-MOB) which sticks quite faithfully to the original with his own trademark groove underpinning it, nicely updated. Ollie Dagois is more a harder house track, which only nods to the original at the end. T-Empo builds nicely and is a smooth groove with a bouncing bassline. My favourite is the string enhanced mix by Manchester’s own Love To Infinity team (the Lee brothers) using orchestral parts from the original masters, classic!

ZANG50T gracecov

A1 Slave To The Rhythm (D Monster Mix) 9:51
A2 Slave To The Rhythm (Ollie D Gyro Disney Dub) 6:25
B1 Slave To The Rhythm (The T-Empo Grace In Your Face ’94 Overture) 8:29
B2 Slave To The Rhythm (Love To Infinity Classic Paradise 12″ Mix) 7:44

4 thoughts on “Grace Jones – Slave To The Rhythm (’94 Remixes)”

      1. djjedredy – In the 90s, “Zance” was the only way to get the 12″ mix of Propaganda’s “Duel [bitter-sweet]” on CD! That’s why I have it.

  1. Hmm, Zance I have – Awesome!! Now I do not have the vinyl of these mixes and wonder if I have a download or the CD Mixes of this….. Mmmm Is this more filled in with beats I’ll have to research this one!! Glad you have the vinyl for this, good find!! 😃👌

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