Various Artists ‎– Tame Yourself (Housebroken Dance Mixes) (LTD Edition 12″ Promo)

tamecovLast one from Mike and a very interesting post to share. Released in 1991 as a promotional twelve for a PETA compiled album of the same name which featured The Pretenders, Belinda Carlisle, The B-52’s, kd lang as well as the artists on here.

Fan’s of Howard Jones, Erasure, Jane Weidlin, Lene Lovich and Nina Hagan will love this as it includes rare dance remixes of the tracks featured on the album.

From the back of the sleeve.

“TAME YOURSELF” is an anthology of exclusive songs produced to benefit People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the world’s largest animal rights organization. PETA’s efforts include educational programs, public events and demonstrations, litigation, advertisements, and investigations into animal cruelty in laboratories, the fur and meat trades, the entertainment industry, and other areas. PETA is a nonprofit organization, founded in 1980.”

Howard Jones gets the remix treatment by Tony Garcia (Depeche Mode, New Order, Billy Idol et al) giving it the early 90’s dance gizmo’s. Jones, himself, provides a groovy dub mix with some great synth playing as you’d expect. Jane Weidlin (ex-Go Go’s guitarist) gets remixed by James Hood (Moodswings) with plenty of layered beats and lush synths. Erasure collaborate with the great Lene Lovich with “Rage” both being remixed by Garcia. The track was originally on Lovich’s album, “March.” A powerful message with a great chorus, it has been given a tougher mix than the album original. The “Dub” mix is a bit of an early 90’s dancefloor monster, using the Renegade Soundwave “Phantom” drum break with Pet Shop Boys type sequencers. Finally the 2 Grand Dames of Weird, Lovich and Nina Hagen get their original 1986 track remixed by James Hood (as JFT Hood) Arpeggio-ing  into almost a trance remake. But , oh those lyrics!

All very rare and obscure tracks, thanks a million Mike!



Rhino New Artists – PRO1 90082

A1 Howard Jones Don’t Be Part Of It (Moo Mix) 5:40
A2 Howard Jones Don’t Be Part Of It (Dub) 5:32
A3 Jane Wiedlin Fur (Faux Version) 6:46
AA1 Erasure & Lene Lovich Rage (Vitamitavegemix) 7:40
AA2 Erasure & Lene Lovich Rage (Dub) 4:55
AA3 Nina Hagen & Lene Lovich Don’t Kill The Animals (Rescue Remix) 6:05

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  1. Reblogged this on nebeski2014 and commented:
    This great people i looking for this on ages rip is fantastic.My posts you can find it on Method of Dance page Share i have also Various – Tame Yourself
    CD Compilation ,Various – Animal Liberation CD Compilation and Nina Hagen / Lene Lovich – Don’t Kill The Animals

    Arista – RIST 2
    Vinyl, 12″

  2. Thank you for this realy har to find issue

    i have also

    Nina Hagen / Lene Lovich – Don’t Kill The Animals

    Arista – RIST 2
    Vinyl, 12″
    Various – Animal Liberation

    Wax Trax! Records – WAXCD 025

    CD, Compilation

    Various – Tame Yourself

    R.N.A. Rhino New Artists – R2 70772
    CD, Compilation

    You can find me on page share of blog Method of Dance

  3. Reup please? 🙂

  4. Matt,
    Here you go New Rip RAW 2017 (No Artwork)
    Still waiting for the Robert Palmer 12″ (Coming from UK)

  5. Thanks Mike. Very appreciated. I’m looking forward to that Robert Palmer 12″. I just posted a message on the about me page for a Robbie Robertson 12″. I’m having no luck finding any of his rarities.

  6. Stephen Miller | Reply

    I just stumbled across your blog and am loving it! I’ve been searching for a rip of this Promo 12″ for years–and you just recently re-upped it in January. To my dismay, the link was already down now in April! 😦 Is there any way you would consider sharing this one more time? I know it’s a lot to ask!

    1. No trouble at all Stephen, this blog is like a massive juggling act, keeping all the plates spinning and knowing which ones are down is helped by people requesting stuff. So thanks 🙂

      1. Stay tuned and I’ll let you know when it turns up!

    2. Stephen, Here it is – A new recent Re-Rip (No Artwork)
      Tame Yrsf – LTD EDTN – Mixes – 1991 (RAW) (New Rip) MP3 320.rar

      1. Cheers Mike I’d better get that myself 😉

      2. Stephen Miller

        Thank you so much for re-upping!!!!!! These are awesome mixes and a real treat! THANK YOU!!!!!

      3. Any chance of another reup?

      4. Any chance of one more reup?

      5. This is proving a difficult to locate! Mike any help?

      6. I’m searching, hang tight! Worst case scenario (because of the few vinyl’s I know where it is) I’ll re do it!!

      7. Saints, the lot of you.

      8. Tame Yrsf – LTD EDTN – Mixes – 1991- (No Artwork) MP3 320.rar

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