Plus One – Nevermore (U.S. Promo 12″)

neveredAnother one from Mike and something I’ve never heard before. Swedish synthpop from 1987. Very boy bandish with some guitars thrown in over the top.The song doesn’t have any verses,if you check out the Radio Edit ! Some interesting synth sounds , Keep thinking of Tiffany’s “I Think We’re Alone Now” Difficult to find any information on the band on the web. It was remixed by Christer Modig, aka Swedish Chris,a well respected dance remixer from the late 80’s and originally came out in 1985. It became one of Richard Blades favourite, him off the legendary KROQ radio station.

Didn’t realise it had appeared on Sandman’s superb blog,, only last month, sorry mate 🙂 I hate posting stuff that maybe already out on one of my fellow blogger’s blog.

JCO 90060 DJneversleevecov

A1 Nevermore (The More More Mix) 7:35
A2 Nevermore (Radio Edit) 4:13
B1 Nevermore (Dub More Dub) 7:10
B2 Nevermore (Rock ‘N’ Radio Edit) 4:42

4 thoughts on “Plus One – Nevermore (U.S. Promo 12″)”

  1. My apologies for this one and had no idea about that blog, either. Richard Blade is definitely still going strong here in California (Greater Los Angeles Area) and continues to DJ with his Flashback Lunch on Jack FM (93.1) as well as his show on Sirius/XM satellite Radio (1st Wave). the Saturday night show with DJ Bueller with his mix up of 80’s & 90’s stuff.


      1. Yes! I do remember Blade on radio stations (KROQ – 106.7) & (STAR 98.7). Even at the many concerts I’ve seen him Introducing them before their shows. He is a great person and super friendly. My seat at the regeneration tour 2008 ( The Human League, Belinda Carlisle, ABC, Missing Persons & More – I forgot) was a couple seats away from him and his wife. Blade definitely gets along with all members of Depeche Mode & many other bands. Yazoo, when they finally re-united I saw Blade and the famous Yazoo (Yaz) in L.A. Also, I would attend the yearly Depeche Mode conventions he and his buddy Ray (I know well) annually. The also do The Smiths & The Cure conventions. Plus the many Night Clubs I use to show up at to watch him spin.

        Anyway …does Mr. Blade have any shows (Radio) or places he visits over there?

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