The Fixx – Built For The Future (Promo 12″)


I’d better get my thumb out and do some posting, I’ve loads to post myself but here is more from Mike.

The Fixx were bigger in the US than over here ( I think, in later years, rockers Bush had the same distinction!) Too pop to be alternative at the time but too different to blend in with the sugary pop of the time. From the 1986 album “Walkabout” and produced by Rupert Hine (Howard Jones, Rush et al) the experimental  and preferred mix (No Familiarity Son Version) starts off like a horror film and keeps on with the synth pop with thevocals being replaced Flinstone and news bite samples, nice! The “Rock” mix brings the guitars to the front of the mix and the album version is also

MCA Records L33-17181

A Built For The Future (12″ Rock Version) 5:56
B1 Built For The Future (Album Version) 4:07
B2 Built For The Future (No Familiarity Son Version) 7:17

NEW LINK !!! 2016



One comment

  1. MATT · April 4, 2017

    Would you happen to have the German 12″ with these mixes on it?
    A Built For The Future (Extended Version) 7:19
    B Built For The Future (Undermind Mix) (Remixed Dance Version) 7:39

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