Kit B – Be Your Own God E.P (2015)

kit-b-band-photoI sometimes get asked by friends for a mention on here if they have got something new coming out so I can spread the word around a bit.

My mate Monty plays bass in the Salford band Kit B, as well as having a show on Salford City Radio, he’s a busy man because he also has a solo electronica project called The Junta. Anyways a bit of bio about the band.  KIT B  DANNY CUSICK on vocals/guitar, MONTY on bass, MIKE POWELL on Keyboards and PETER SLATER on drums

“Be Your Own God” is a 6 tracker that takes the listener through the back streets of a Manchester after a night out. Shades of New Order percolate throughout.

“Montezuma” starts the long walk home with a last waltz before lights up, bass and guitar intertwine whilst the synths fill the spaces for the anthemic chorus.

“Be Your Own God” lightens everything up, with a direct message and heartfelt vocals from Cusick,washed with gentle guitar.

“Vicious Circle” begins quiet but kicks in with crunching guitar to produce a classic 80’s New Wave sound complete with a keyboard solo.

“(It’s Gonna Be) Alright” is a powerful ending with both synth bass and bass guitar,  “Knock Me Down, pick me up catch my tears in papercup” sings Cusick in an impassioned for assistance  leaving the keyboards to wash over you.

The Junta remix of “Vicious Circle” drags the track to the dancefloor with added drum machines and swooping Numan style synths that could make your hair fall out (well it did happen to Mr. Numan!)

Night Operations electrify “Alright” with their remix but keeps the gorgeous guitar riff and ends with another superb keyboard solo. Very Nice.

My only criticism is that most of the tracks tend to fade out leaving me wanting to hear more!

The launch party is this Saturday at Manchester’s The Tiger Lounge on Cooper Street with special guests.

kit B

Here is a link to the opening track to give you a feel for what they’re about

Further details of where you can get hold of the E.P. is here on the bands website;

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