Wet Wet Wet – Wishing I Was Lucky (Metal Mix) (12″)

(Not the same mix as available here)

So the main aim of this blog was to promote the 12″ Extended Version/Mix especially of the obscurer bands of the 80’s. With the numerous 80’s Extended CD Boxsets out there I tried to dig out the twelves that had not been unearthed; obviously the music coverage was going to eclectic (half deliberately!) and as I journeyed through the years I hopefully uncovered a few rarities.

This was a nice find, a bit of a classic pop tune nicely reworked but keeping the original tune intact. Mixed by the mysterious Walter Turbitt (who was a member of the Groove Brothers Production outfit) it has some typical 80’s 12″ weird bits but I’m loving it (guilty pleasure 🙂 )

“Words Of Wisdom” is apparently different to the album version and “I Still….” is quite funky with some weird yelps from Marti Pellow and an impressively long final note, one for the fans.

Can’t say I had much time for the band, probably Pellow’s grin, but on a revisit I was surprised how polished they sounded with the 2 B-sides being self-produced. Obviously talented musicians in their own right.



JEWEL 332wetmetalinnercov

A Wishing I Was Lucky (Metal Mix)
B1 Words Of Wisdom
B2 I Still Can’t Remember Your Name

10 thoughts on “Wet Wet Wet – Wishing I Was Lucky (Metal Mix) (12″)”

  1. Hi,very beautiful blog,I check in everyday for the gems you post,but wet wet wet’s post is missing links for download 🙂

  2. I had absolutely no interest in this, until I saw Metal Mix, which seems like the most unlikely Wet x 3 thing ever. Wishing i was lucky enuf to get a re-up sometime…

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