Madness – Our House (12″)

From 1982 and a bit of a debut in this blog for Suggs & Co.  Backed by the production team made up of Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley Madness had the reputation of different 12″ versions. This is very listenable, if a little dated, having been force fed the normal version for so long especially via TV commercials and theme songs. For 1982 the studio tricks involved for the time sounded amazing with the start using various intro’s of previous Madness releases. The 7″ is also here so you can compare as well as the instrumental, “Walking with Mr. Wheeze” with the title being derived from “Groovin’ With Mr. Bloe” by session band Mr.Bloe. The B-side was written by Mike Barson so it’s saxophone led, a it’s a shame it’s a bit worn copy. This extended version I assume is different to the Dance mix that came out in America where this was the band’s only real hit across the pond.

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A Our House 5:56
B1 Our House 3:15
B2 Walking With Mr. Wheeze 3:27

4 thoughts on “Madness – Our House (12″)”

  1. Thanks for this, though I’m not sure why the B-side being written by their keyboard player would apparently lead to it being saxophone-led!

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