A Wall Of Sound Retrospective Part 3 – Ceasefire – Cruising (Promo 12″)

ceasedcov Cuban Rhythms care of Derek Dahlarge with some extra help from Jagz Kooner (The Aloof, Sabres of Paradise), Phil Mossman (LCD Soundsystem) and Nick Strasburg (also of The Aloof) Two quite different mixes but with the emphasis on layered precussion. Big Beat latino style…….Enjoy!! http://netkups.com/?d=527869d58db21 http://www94.zippyshare.com/v/7l0kxCcM/file.html WALLT056

A Cruising (Cuba Dahlarge Mix) 5:57
B Cruising 7:07

A Wall Of Sound Retrospective – Part 2 – Mekon ‎– Phatty’s Lunchbox / Last Breath (Original 12″)

mekonic More from Wall Of Sound and this from John Gosling (a.k.a. Mekon) and his debut release from 1994. Gosling was also in Psychic TV, 23 Skidoo and Bass-o-matic.

Mixing sub bass, beats and guitars, this stomps along with heavy dub Jamaica influences. The guitar by Mark Rutherford is even more prominent on the second mix, almost dance metal!

Squelchy slide guitar by Mike Ashman (Ex Adam & The Ants, Bow Wow Wow and Chiefs of Relief- sadly R.I.P.) is a prominent feature on the swamp rock, stomp of “Last Breath.” The “Re-skank” brings in a more electro beat, very Meat Beat Manifesto.



 WALL T 002

A1 Phatty’s Lunchbox (Original Mix)
A1 Phatty’s Lunchbox (Nu Guitar Jamm)
B1 Last Breath (Original Mix)
B2 Last Breath (Re-Skank)

A “Wall Of Sound” Retrospective – Part 1 – The Wiseguys feat. Sense Live – The Sound You Hear / We Keep On (12″)


I was a bit of a label whore in the 80’s and 90’s, buying anything on Mute , Play It Again Sam, Nettwerk or Wax Trax! It was a sort of quality control because at the time there was no previews you just guessed it must be okay because it was on the label. So mistakes were made but label loyalty was something I sort of adhered to. On to the Wall Of Sound label like a lot of casual listeners was probably stumbled over when buying a Propellerheads 12″. It was the home of jazzy breaks and Big Beat and was founded by the Beatniks , Mark Jones & Mark Lessner. Still going strong with Röyksopp and Mogwai on their roster.

So first up is this nodder from The Wiseguys,  a duo consisting of DJ Touché and DJ Regal, who concentrated on the more laidback , groovy kind of beats. “We Keep On” rolls along with a stoner rap by Sense Live (Miguel Angel Rodriguez) whilst “The Sound You Hear” has the sample of Marlena Shaw from California Soul. Now where did that sun go?



WALLT 018wisecov

A1 The Sound You Hear (Main Mix) 5:25
A2 The Sound You Hear (Lingering Reprise) 3:01
A3 We Keep On (Album Instrumental Mix) 3:28
B1 We Keep On (Album Mix) 3:28
B2 We Keep On (Remix) 3:19
B3 We Keep On (Remix Instrumental Mix) 3:19

Neil Arthur ‎– I Love I Hate (Both CD Singles)

neilarthureredMixing up with vinyl and cd stuff now with this from 1994 from Neil Arthur from Blancmange. Unfortunately due to Stephen Luscombe’s continuing illness Neil is still currently Blancmange. This was his dabble into a solo project that resulted in the overlooked album “Suitcase” which I still play now.

This single was released in a variety of formats and mixes (I think the remixes are up on here somewhere as is the other Neil Arthur single, “One Day, One Time”)I chose this as between the 2 discs it has the most B-sides and therefore the most interest. Some Blancmange tracks are on here probably to boost sales, “Feel Me” original John Luongo 12″ mix is a nice extra.  The main track is here as the 7″ version and the very slightly extended version. All flourishing strings and uplifting vocals thanks to production by Marius de Vries (Madonna, U2, Bjork) Ain’t half bad, catchy as a Blancmange. The guitars are out for “Festival” (quite topical post Glastonbury) chugging along a nice surprise and not any real synths in earshot. More guitars on the amusing “Wendy You’re A Bore” with a slight acoustic tinge and accordion. “Oh No Not Yet”  is an electronic instrumental which sounds more Blancmange-like with the repeated sample “Oh No Not Yet.”




CD2 CDCHS 5005

1 Neil Arthur I Love I Hate (Extended Mix) 4:30
2 Neil Arthur Wendy You’re A Bore 3:35
3 Neil Arthur Oh No Not Yet 5:55
4 Blancmange Feel Me (12″ Mix) 7:03

CD1 CDCHSS 5005lovecov1

1 Neil Arthur I Love I Hate 4:14
2 Neil Arthur Festival 4:09
3 Blancmange Living On The Ceiling 4:02

Propaganda – p:machinery (Polish) (Import 12″)

Another bit of vinyl bought from the Charity shop literally 100 yards away!

From 1985 and the best track from Propaganda (IMHO) taking the blue print of Dr.Mabuse and upping the grandiose and bombast; also not many people are aware of this track and it’s many incarnations (being on ZTT) The “Polish” version has the extra guitar from John McGeoch (Magazine) or was it Steve Howe (Yes?) which adds the extra E in Epic. Steve Lipson produced it for a marvellous 9+mins (I included the Reprise on the end) . As with most ZTT releases there is a different take on the main track with the quieter and classier “Passive” mix and the euro dance of “Frozen Faces” is a bit of classic, that bass.

NEW LINK 2018!!


Island Records – 602 014-213pmachinebackcov

A p: Machinery (Polish) 9:20
B1 p: Machinery (Passive) 3:45
B2 Frozen Faces 5:32

Prefab Sprout – The King Of Rock ‘N’ Roll (12″)

prefabbedA bit of vinyl for you! From 1988 and one of their finest moments produced by the legendary Thomas Dolby. Much has been said of the weird lyrics about a washed up, 50’s rock star who continues to milk his one novelty hit. Coming from the same stable as Green Gartside’s, Scritti Politti, this was pop with an edge.

Three B-sides shows the different styles of the Sprout’s. “Moving The River” was off the 1985, “Steve McQueen” album and wakes up into 80’s pop dance tunage. Mad lyrics as ever.

“Dandy of the Danube” is a quirky slice of synth pop whilst “Tin Can Pot” rocks along with guitars in a bluegrass punk kind of way.



A1 The King Of Rock ‘N’ Roll 4:21
A2 Moving The River 3:57
B1 Dandy Of The Danube 3:29
B2 Tin Can Pot 3:07
Up from, suede shoes, my baby blues
Hot dog, jumping frog, Albuquerque
Hot dog, jumping frog, Albuquerque

Front Line Assembly – Millennium (CD Single)

From 1994 and a band I got it into because they were near Front 242 when I was searching the CD ranks. Much more dance rhythmic than 242 and very prolific this is your classic industrial with added guitar by Don Harrison. Greg Reely and Delwyn Brooks work the magic in the studio and to their credit it has aged quite well. According to Wiki in there , somewhere are Pantera guitar riffs , Depeche Mode’s “Get Right With Me” as well as the usual film samples (Falling Down, Full Metal Jacket). The mixes are subtly different, my pick being the more electronic “Left In Ruins Mix”  B- side  “Transtime” uses a sample from “Home Computer” by Kraftwerk and is more your typical FLA track.



RR 2370-3millcov

1 Millennium (1000 Years Of Decay Remix) 6:19
2 Millennium (Left In Ruins Remix) 7:52
3 Transtime 5:58
4 Millennium (Until Death Remix) 4:43

Sneaker Pimps ‎– Post Modern Sleaze (CD Single)

From 1997 and a forgotten classic by da Pimps. All you ever hearby them being played is “6 Underground” but they had far more strings to their bow. This is actually all stringed up and is cleanly mixed by Jim Abbis and Kelli Ali producing one of her best vocal performances in a homage to drugs. No obscure B-sides (Grrrrrr) but a nice variety of mixes. The obliquity drum and bass version by Reprazent (Roni Size et al) toughens it up. The Underdog Mix (Trevor Jackson) strips it down to basics with some great bass from Luke Hannam (from indie jazz band Emperors New Clothes) Finally, the Boilerhouse mix gives it a Hip-Hop roll, my favourite.




1 Post Modern Sleaze (Album Version) 3:31
2 Post Modern Sleaze (Video Mix) 3:48
3 Post Modern Sleaze (Reprazent Mix) 7:05
4 Post Modern Sleaze (Underdog Remix) 7:40
5 Post Modern Sleaze (Boilerhouse Remix) 3:53

Electrafixion – Never (CD 2)

After fighting a few angry spiders I unearthed this little gem of a CD single from Ian McCulloch and Will Sergeant’s short-lived side project, Electrafixion. From 1995 and setting out to give a twist to Brit Pop swagger with added electronics. Bunnymen fans were not impressed but I liked the mixture (it’s probably me because I tolerated Bowie’s Tin Machine!) With a suitably brash and anthemic mix by Utah Saints, which bubbles nicely this is a nice little showcase of what the band was setting out. Ingredients of psychedelic rock mixed with a perchance for Baggie dance. Playing this again was like welcoming an old friend, especially the swirling shoegaze of “Sister Pain.”

Give me a shout if you want a the vinyls re-upping here, assuming the links may be dead now.




WEA022CD / 0630-12587-2electravevercov

1 Never 3:48
2 Work It On Out 4:25
3 Never (Utah Saints Blizzard On Mix) 6:33
4 Sister Pain (Last Remains Mix) 4:28

Mark Stewart – Dream Kitchen (CD Single)

Little note before I continue.

(So no real commercial stuff lately as I stumble around my CD collection. As stated I will only post CD singles or E.P.’s and compilations from the 90’s with the slant on eclectic electronic, no albums which I would draw the line at, if you like the artist go and buy some stuff by them if you like. Back to the vinyl stuff, my recent crate digging has been a bit disappointing but will return in a few weeks with a vengeance, I’m still searching for lost files from requested re-up’s ! Sorry!)


So back to some weird electronica with Mark Stewart, ably abetted by legendary bassist Doug Wimbish and Matt LeBlanc with some guitar by Skip McDonald (on track 2) From 1996 and on my favourite label Mute. The lead track is almost a pop song about consumerism linking with fetishism. “Crawl Space” is more punk rock than dub electro. “Forbidden Love” brings back the dub and then some, in dub we trust. Stewart remains a bit of a cult artist , founder member of The Pop Group he works on the perimeter looking in, a pioneer.




1 Dream Kitchen 6:27
2 Crawl Space 5:55
3 Forbidden Love (Dub) 6:11