Dave Beetham – Touch (Online Album)

dave Okay a bit of a plug for my mates 5th album he released the other week on Soundcloud.


The miracles of modern technology makes it possible for someone to produce their own stuff, unthinkable (without a lot of dosh!) 20 years ago. He wears his influences on his sleeve with the added tongue in cheek lyrical twists. Primary a guitarist, then keyboardist and then a reluctant vocalist (he would agree with me on that!) Here is the sound of a musician at home (literally) using all the modern technological toys and just creating good songs. They all have their own hooks and feel, variety being the spice of life.

Opening with the frantic, “Losing In Control” Dave hooks an almost Jethro Tull-ish riff over a tale of hanging on to love and companionship for the stability of a relationship. The second track is my current favourite “Blood In You” about how traits can be handed down. Great vocals, driving bass and stabbing guitars. Soaring synth leads keep that link with technology.

Third track is the unusually titled “New In Box” about being protective of a new partner, Stone Roses guitar and some stinging lyrics. Up next is “Hideaway” , guitar lead with plenty of jangly 80’s effects. Quite serious in tone. “Switchblade” romps along doffing a cap to Big Country and again has a dark side.

Another favourite is the “Only Son” based on a slide guitar riff it’s an atmospheric country and western feel to it, with impassioned vocals delivering a message to an estranged son. “Rollercoaster” is simply about the joys going to the Pleasure Beach at Blackpool, simples. We get dual vocals on “Heaven Sent Me Down” and driving guitar. A homage to synthpop next with the squelchy sounds of “Winter Disco” harking back to days of the youth. Another slice of humour on the odd “Mr Squeeze” and his unsavoury habits; keeping a slow, Rockabilly tip. “Cross the Line” brings the rock guitar back to the mix with a flourish. “Monster” has a big, synth bass and vocoder fighting it out with more rock guitar, primeval love.

Finishing off we have two contrasting but equally listenable tracks. “On a Clear Day” is another slower, melancholic power ballad, with duelling synth and guitar.” The Olympics” closes the album with a bit of an indie dance shuffle.

14 tracks, so plenty for everyone!

Hats off to Dave for getting this out. I admire anyone with this amount of talent, just wish someone would pick up on it and shout it from the rooftops! Cheers mate!

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