Various Artists – Volume 5 (CD Album)

volcov Well most seem to have enjoyed the last Volume series so here is another; again featuring a diverse set of artists and musical styles. For fans of individual bands you will find a rare mix or demo that you might not have been aware of. Coming out at the end of 1992 it sums up the various styles at the time.

It starts off with the sheer, weird brilliance of The Orb,recorded live at Aylesbury Civic Centre. Goes all dancey and electronic, then acoustica and finally turns into an Indie compilation with a very rocky Morrisey track.


1 Orb, The O.O.B.E. (Live) 9:18
2 Grid, The Cybernetic 4:25
3 Happy Mondays Monkey In The Family (Dub Mix) 4:29
4 Fuel Wildfire 3:30
5 Bettie Serveert Brain-Tag (Original Version) 5:38
6 Macbeth Help Me Lift You Up 3:34
7 Cocteau Twins Frosty The Snowman 2:56
8 Cabaret Voltaire Low Cool (Remix) 5:23
9 Sandals Venice Groove 5:19
10 Consolidated Guerillas In The Mist (Russian Hill Mix) 4:23
11 Jesus Lizard, The Whirl (Original Version) 4:12
12 L7 Deathwish (Live) 3:03
13 Hyperhead Easy Slide (Remix) 5:29
14 Red House Painters Uncle Joe 5:57
15 Wedding Present, The Signal 3:16
16 Auteurs, The Bailed Out (Cello Mix) 3:44
17 Morrissey Tomorrow (Steve Peck Mix) 4:15

6 thoughts on “Various Artists – Volume 5 (CD Album)”

  1. Hello. Thank you for your good job. Could you please re-upped this album. I would like listen the Morrisey track.

  2. Would love for this to be re-upped! I have Volumes 6 to 17, but not any of the earlier ones! Thanks!

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