Various Artists – Volume 1 (CD Album)

fishyBack to the fish and the very first Volume series, the one with glossy book and (er) fish.

From 1991 and 17 tracks of great variety and exclusivity, I was sold on the line up and bought it from X Records in Bolton, where I lived at the time. Starting with the hypnotic and psychedelic “Love Mad” , the tracks just get better and better, with exclusive (for the time) remixes like the New Order and Orb ones. I’m chuffed to share it with you. Indeed R.I.P. Rob Deacon, the curator and visionary behind it all who sadly died in 2007.


1 Meat Beat Manifesto Love Mad 3:28
2 Papa Sprain Flying To Vegas (Remix) 4:48
3 Nitzer Ebb Come Alive (Remix) 5:32
4 Kitchens Of Distinction Innocence 4:58
5 Throwing Muses Red Shoes (Version) 3:39
6 Darkside, The Guitar Voodoo (Live) 4:38
7 Dr Phibes & T.H.O.W.E* Sugarblast (Edit) 5:04
8 Popguns, The Going Under (Remix) 5:27
9 Orb, The Reefer Spin In The Galaxy 4:59
10 New Order Confusion (Remix) 5:35
11 Shamen, The Hyperreal (Remix) 5:03
12 Fortran 5 XX21 (Remix) 4:59
13 My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult Leather Sex (Remix) 5:45
14 Consolidated The Sexual Politics Of Meat (Edit) 3:44
15 Wolfgang Press, The Sucker (Version) 3:36
16 Daisy Chainsaw Upmanship Down 2:45
17 L. Kage Another Story From Raintown 3:47

13 thoughts on “Various Artists – Volume 1 (CD Album)”

  1. Howdy! With the recent release of the Kitchens Of Distinction boxset, I have been hunting down a B-side “Into The Sea” that got nixed, and sadly never made it to digital or CD release. Could you please re-up the “The 3rd Time We Opened The Capsule”?
    Love the blog here….long live vinyl!

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