KMFDM – Sucks (CD Single)


Taking a break from the dance stuff for a few posts.

From 1992 and a bit of tongue-in-cheek industrial from those cheeky German’s, KMFDM (which means “Kein Mitleid Für die Mehrheit” (“No Pity For The Majority”) and nothing to do with killing Depeche Mode! Obviously not taking them too seriously as usual it comes with a myriad of mixes all only slightly different to the original. It hasn’t dated too well but it is 23 years old and sounded awesome then. The “Goodbye Barb Mix” is my preferred one with more creative use of the heavy metal guitar samples. A bit of fun, no more no less.


Big Life – BLRD 87

1 Sucks (No Shit-Radio-Mix) – 4:01

2 Sucks (P-O-T-A-T-O-Mix) – 3:42

3 Sucks (Goodbye Barb-Mix) – 5:21

4 Sucks (Original 12″-Mix) – 4:01

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