Neil Arthur ‎– I Love I Hate (Both CD Singles)

neilarthureredMixing up with vinyl and cd stuff now with this from 1994 from Neil Arthur from Blancmange. Unfortunately due to Stephen Luscombe’s continuing illness Neil is still currently Blancmange. This was his dabble into a solo project that resulted in the overlooked album “Suitcase” which I still play now.

This single was released in a variety of formats and mixes (I think the remixes are up on here somewhere as is the other Neil Arthur single, “One Day, One Time”)I chose this as between the 2 discs it has the most B-sides and therefore the most interest. Some Blancmange tracks are on here probably to boost sales, “Feel Me” original John Luongo 12″ mix is a nice extra.  The main track is here as the 7″ version and the very slightly extended version. All flourishing strings and uplifting vocals thanks to production by Marius de Vries (Madonna, U2, Bjork) Ain’t half bad, catchy as a Blancmange. The guitars are out for “Festival” (quite topical post Glastonbury) chugging along a nice surprise and not any real synths in earshot. More guitars on the amusing “Wendy You’re A Bore” with a slight acoustic tinge and accordion. “Oh No Not Yet”  is an electronic instrumental which sounds more Blancmange-like with the repeated sample “Oh No Not Yet.”


CD2 CDCHS 5005

1 Neil Arthur I Love I Hate (Extended Mix) 4:30
2 Neil Arthur Wendy You’re A Bore 3:35
3 Neil Arthur Oh No Not Yet 5:55
4 Blancmange Feel Me (12″ Mix) 7:03

CD1 CDCHSS 5005lovecov1

1 Neil Arthur I Love I Hate 4:14
2 Neil Arthur Festival 4:09
3 Blancmange Living On The Ceiling 4:02

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