Front Line Assembly – Millennium (CD Single)

From 1994 and a band I got it into because they were near Front 242 when I was searching the CD ranks. Much more dance rhythmic than 242 and very prolific this is your classic industrial with added guitar by Don Harrison. Greg Reely and Delwyn Brooks work the magic in the studio and to their credit it has aged quite well. According to Wiki in there , somewhere are Pantera guitar riffs , Depeche Mode’s “Get Right With Me” as well as the usual film samples (Falling Down, Full Metal Jacket). The mixes are subtly different, my pick being the more electronic “Left In Ruins Mix”  B- side  “Transtime” uses a sample from “Home Computer” by Kraftwerk and is more your typical FLA track.

RR 2370-3millcov

1 Millennium (1000 Years Of Decay Remix) 6:19
2 Millennium (Left In Ruins Remix) 7:52
3 Transtime 5:58
4 Millennium (Until Death Remix) 4:43

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