Sneaker Pimps ‎– Post Modern Sleaze (CD Single)

From 1997 and a forgotten classic by da Pimps. All you ever hearby them being played is “6 Underground” but they had far more strings to their bow. This is actually all stringed up and is cleanly mixed by Jim Abbis and Kelli Ali producing one of her best vocal performances in a homage to drugs. No obscure B-sides (Grrrrrr) but a nice variety of mixes. The obliquity drum and bass version by Reprazent (Roni Size et al) toughens it up. The Underdog Mix (Trevor Jackson) strips it down to basics with some great bass from Luke Hannam (from indie jazz band Emperors New Clothes) Finally, the Boilerhouse mix gives it a Hip-Hop roll, my favourite.



1 Post Modern Sleaze (Album Version) 3:31
2 Post Modern Sleaze (Video Mix) 3:48
3 Post Modern Sleaze (Reprazent Mix) 7:05
4 Post Modern Sleaze (Underdog Remix) 7:40
5 Post Modern Sleaze (Boilerhouse Remix) 3:53

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