Electrafixion – Never (CD 2)

After fighting a few angry spiders I unearthed this little gem of a CD single from Ian McCulloch and Will Sergeant’s short-lived side project, Electrafixion. From 1995 and setting out to give a twist to Brit Pop swagger with added electronics. Bunnymen fans were not impressed but I liked the mixture (it’s probably me because I tolerated Bowie’s Tin Machine!) With a suitably brash and anthemic mix by Utah Saints, which bubbles nicely this is a nice little showcase of what the band was setting out. Ingredients of psychedelic rock mixed with a perchance for Baggie dance. Playing this again was like welcoming an old friend, especially the swirling shoegaze of “Sister Pain.”

Give me a shout if you want a the vinyls re-upping here, assuming the links may be dead now.




WEA022CD / 0630-12587-2electravevercov

1 Never 3:48
2 Work It On Out 4:25
3 Never (Utah Saints Blizzard On Mix) 6:33
4 Sister Pain (Last Remains Mix) 4:28

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