Foetus – (Not Adam) (CD E.P.)

With gritted teeth I give you some obscure J.G. Thirwell (Foetus) from 2004!!  A recent shiny thing for this blog- it is probably the newish thing I’ve posted in a while! (I will release the vinyl at the weekend!) Typical Foetus, being the more intellectual side of Trent Reznor via The Legendary Pink Dots. This is a Foetus typical E.P. ,leftfield and obscure. It contains 3 tracks from the album “Love.” Haunting harpsichord and equally haunting video for the anti-religious title track. “Time Marches On” brings out the more industrial dance, rev those cycles!

Love the way it has been described as Simon-and-Garfunkel-in-space-but-with-drums!


1 (Not Adam)-4:16

2 Miracle (Jay Wasco Remix)-4:42

3 Not In Your Hands-5:22

4 Time Marches On (End Remix)-3:36

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