Various Artists – Volume 6 (CD Album)

volume6covThe famous compilation series that focussed on fish, tropical ones to be pedantic. From 1993 and with more varieties than Heinz tin of beans. This compilation series already had exclusive mixes and rare tracks and demos of current alternative artists with a lovely glossy book you could read why you listened. What a simple idea. Beginning with the shoe gaze, psychedelic of Spiritualised, the CD takes us on a journey through what was happening in that year, The The Johnson have a previously unreleased track on the CD called “Lip Tripping” and Sheep On Drugs release the best remix of “15 Minutes Of Fame” on this obscure but lovingly produced series of compilations. Yes, I did reread the booklet as I burned this for the blog, happy days!


1 Spiritualized Smiles (Live) 6:20
2 © He Was 5:29
3 Ultra Vivid Scene Cut Throat (Remix) 5:13
4 Senseless Things Keepsake (Original Demo Version) 3:46
5 That Petrol Emotion Catch A Fire (Mix 1) 4:32
6 Björk One Day 4:52
7 Saint Etienne Fake ’88 4:50
8A Matt Johnson Untitled Introduction 0:31
8B The The Lip Tripping 2:41
9 Gallon Drunk Keep Moving On (Re-Recorded Version) 3:38
10 American Music Club Love Connection NYC (Solo Bedroom Demo) 3:51
11 Belly White Belly (Solo Demo Version) 3:26
12 Killdozer Working Hard Or Hardly Working 4:00
13 One Dove Fallen (The Last Monday Morning At Bobby N’s Remix) 5:24
14 Drum Club, The* One Tribe (Remix) 5:12
15 Sheep On Drugs 15 Minutes Of Fame (Remix) 4:37
16 Fluke Spacey (Original Version) 4:38
17 Unmen Also With You 5:29

3 thoughts on “Various Artists – Volume 6 (CD Album)”

  1. Could you please re-up the volume series CDs? Also any additional volumes since acquired would be great too! Thanks.

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