Pigforce – Doin’ Jobz 4tha Mob (Maxi CD Single)

With a name like that you know it’s going to be anti-establishment.A Classic, Gangsta Big Beat (if such a term exists!) Guy Ritchie (it featured in the film “Face” film) inspired with a mean rap by Silver Bullet (30 seconds To Comply, Bring Forth The Guillotine) As usual with a plethora of mixes. The “Loop Da Loop” goes all dark and scary in an Aphex Twin kind of way. Bassbin Twins give it an old skool electro makeover. The Chemist gives it more of a house feel. Tough stuff!

“Come On, Hands In The Air, Sir!”




1 Doin’ Jobz 4tha Mob (Radio Edit) 3:37
2 Doin’ Jobz 4tha Mob (Pigforce Crimewave Mix) 6:15
3 Doin’ Jobz 4tha Mob (Loop Da Loop Don Gourgon Mix) 5:34
4 Doin’ Jobz 4tha Mob (Bassbin Twins Battle Beats Mix) 6:06
5 Doin’ Jobz 4tha Mob (Chemist Smash ‘N’ Grab Mix) 5:30

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