Consolidated – Crackhouse / You Suck (12″)

consolidateddddd Back to more edgy stuff from 1993 and favourite band of that era, Consolidated, who so happened to be collaborating with another favourite Jack Dangers (Meat Beat Manifesto) Here the punchy , post Rodney King, political rap track gets a couple of remixes by Tim Simenon. The dub mix showing how many layers of sound was going on in the background. Brutal hip-hop beats with lots of News Broadcast samples.

With a bit of a red face, I have included probably the rudest track on his blog. The feminist call to arms against AIDS and for safe sex, in the form of “You Suck” featuring guest rappers The Yeastie Girls ! Please don’t complain! I even provide the rare , Jack Dangers remix but it still makes me cringe.

NET 044

A1 Crackhouse (More Music Mix)
A2 You Suck (Jack Dangers Remix)
B1 You Suck (LP Version)
B2 Crackhouse (Conference Dub)

3 thoughts on “Consolidated – Crackhouse / You Suck (12″)”

  1. Many thanks for this, I even remember buying the 1988 single by The Yeastie Girlz called Ovary Action, from which the track, You Suck was taken – there were about a dozen songs – all perfect for those compilation tapes, we all used to make in the olden days.

    Yeah, I have to admit, the Consolidated tracks have not really aged well, compared with say Radio Babylon by MBM, which still sounds great over 25 years later!

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