Heaven 17 ‎– …(And That’s No Lie) (VERSION 5)

heavened Neglected blog gets a welcome boost!

I am in 1985 now!

Probably already posted this many years ago, but don’t quote me! The wonderful mid 80’s idea of bringing 5 different sleeves to help market a mediocre track. Yup, Heaven 17 were on the slide, more soul than synth. I bloody love it and the better, shorter version. ” The Fuse” bounces around like a more up-tempo track from “The Luxury Gap” BEWARE of the 80’s jitters that abound on the megamix , not too distracting!

NEW LINK 2017 (again!)


VS 740✵13

A1 …(And That’s No Lie) (Re-mixed To Enhance Its Danceability) 6:10
A2 The Fuse (L.P. Version) 3:05
B The Heaven 17 Megamix 8:28

Perfect Vision – “…..Our Broken Crown…” (12″)

Obscure release of the month with this E.P. from Cambridge post punk 4 piece , Perfect Vision.

perfectcov “We played what was known at the time as Indie (think Depeche Mode but with guitars as well as synths)” – James Daniel (Bass). 

Can’t argue with that, but sounding a bit more New Order. This debut release was championed by John Peel and shows a dark electronic edge with plenty of electronic percussion.





Leave It Out Records LIAR 002

A1 Laugh At Breakage
A2 Drive Me
B1 This Hook
B2 Swim To Me


Someone kindly sent me a folder with some more stuff from this interesting band. Contains an 8 track demo from 1984 and the 12″ “Coincidence” Enjoy!!!




The Adventures – Send My Heart (12″)

adventured Belfast’s The Adventures early release from 1984. A classy New Wave tune with it’s own style. The two live B-sides remind me of a rockier Deacon Blue  with Fred Schneider on vocals!! Overlooked and ignored it is always nice to share a forgotten classic even if it does share elements of The Associates in the dramatic chorus. The Remix has some nice synth elements thanks to Andy Richards (from The Strawbs) giving some extra layers and does the 80’s guitar jangle very well, a bit Flock Of Seagulls.



CHS 12 2001

A1 Send My Heart (Extended Re-Mix) 5:03
A2 Send My Heart (Band Mix) 4:08
B1 These Children (Recorded In Concert) 3:20
B2 Life During Wartime (Recorded In Concert) 3:24