Killing Joke ‎– Money Is Not Our God (Import 12″)

From 1991 and before they went all grungey. The only single released from the much neglected album , “Extremities, Dirt & Various Repressed Emotions” album. It was released only in Germany on 3 January 1991 by the Aggressive Rockproduktionen label and see’s the band going back to the original blueprint sound with some great, chugging guitar by Geordie Walker.

” Mine, the best things in life are free
Mine, I own the beach and the blazing sunset
Mine, I own the waves and the fresh air
Mine, I drink the milk of the stars in this beautiful moment


Superb and poignant lyrics spat out by Coleman. The B-side is another epic , wall of guitars and keyboards and the scrapping sound, eeek ! Powerful stuff.


AG 054-6

A Money Is Not Our God 5:12
B North Of The Border 5:50

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