The Corn Dollies – Map Of The World (12″)

mapofworldcov A 3 track 12″ from South West London, Indie band, The Corn Dollies. A  punchy , wall of guitars punctuated by some violin (?) The track was not typical of their more lighter output. The band consisted of Steve Musham (voice/guitar), Tim Sales (guitar), and Jack Hoser (drums) and they were joined by Californian bass player Steve Ridder and Jono Podmore (violin). Fairly Obscure, they only released a couple of albums, and apparently huge in Spain. Not quite making it in the C86 scene at the time (of which more is over at the esteemed blog of Mr Villain with his nostalgia fest currently running

The B-sides have the lilting beat of “This Is Me” (very nice gotta love a bit of violin) and the jangly “People Gone” all short and to the point.

The vid (all fringes and swagger) has 2 tracks, the first one I don’t have


A Map Of The World
B1 People Gone
B2 This Is Mine

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