Berlin – Like Flames (12″)

likeflamescovMore from Berlin and keeping in 1986. The anthemic “Na , Na , Na” hook line and the jittering sequencers keep interesting and a bit different from other Stadium rock that it has its eye on. A powerful song about oppression was ignored by the listening public, not really sure about the whistling. The 7 minute long extended version was edited by David Leonard to full effect.

B-sides were album track , “Trash” which suffers from far too much rock guitar (Ted Nugent apparently) and an extended version of “You Don’t Know” which adds an extra mix of Far Eastern instruments to make it even more exotic.


A classic 80’s vid, how preposterous but nice scenery!


A Like Flames (Extended Version) 7:00
B1 Trash 3:38
B2 You Don’t Know (Extended Version) 5:31


  1. Neil Kelly · March 23, 2016

    Please re-up if poss.

  2. Kevin · August 13

    I wold like this re-upped too if possible please sir

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