Alexei Sayle ‎– ‘Ullo John! Gotta New Motor? (12″)


From ’82 and the crazy and very sweary “Ullo John….” It was annoying at the time and still is! Some quite funny lines in it as Sayle plays the mad cockney but the swearing REALLY kicks in on Part 4, gratuitous and for mere shock value, you have been warned. The 7″ contained parts 1 and 2.

Weirdly it was produced by the legendary duo of Alan Winstanley and Clive Langer!! A mash of electronic drums and electro funk with stream of consciousness rapping over the top. It was designed as a bit of a protest song with Ford announcing they would be replacing the popular Ford Cortina with the new Ford Sierra. It was a hit after being reissued in 1984 and ironically Sayle is a Scouser!

NEW LINK 2018 (at bloody last!)


  1. “‘Ullo John! Gotta New Motor?” (Part III) – 8:43
  2. “‘Ullo John! Gotta New Motor?” (Part IV) – 4:45


  1. Mark · February 13, 2017

    Hi again, can you re-up this please?

    • djjedredy · February 18, 2017

      Re-upped this odd little tune !

  2. Stephen Scott · October 19

    Part III?
    There’s a Part III?

    OMFG – I know it’s annoying but I utterly ADORE this song. Re-Up?

    The goats made a mess on the carpet

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  4. Neil Kelly · February 17

    Missed this and love this song. Please re-up. Sorry!

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  6. Neil Kelly · February 22

    Many thanks

  7. Neil Kelly · February 22

    Sorry can only see the 2017 link which still does not work. Apologies if i’m being stupid here!

  8. Ray · February 22

    New Link is not working, please review – Thank You
    Great posts as per usual

  9. Neil Kelly · February 23

    Got it. Many thanks it’s now a 2018 link Ray.

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