Yello – Who’s Gone (Promo 12″)

Okay so Easter is kind of Yello.

From 1991 and the Danny Rampling mix of a forgotten yello track off their very not very techno-ey album “Baby”, I love the way it sounds like The Shadows on acccieed! It’s given a few 90’s overdubs and is cut for the Euro disco.

Visiting your planet 
For a few thousand days 
Nothing to hide 
No reason to stay 
Breathless at the end of my run 
It all ends where it begun 


A1 Whose Gone (The Grande Dame Mix) 6:14
A2 Whose Gone (The Votre Dame Mix) 6:10
AA Whose Gone (The Notre Dame Mix) 6:22


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  2. Simon · March 23

    Great re-share – thanks thanks thanks.

  3. Andreas · March 23

    Great post

  4. Andreas · April 3

    Thanks again for this it possible to re-update the links to the various “Tied up” singles?

    In exchange I would like to post some gems from my Yello Collection…

    more to come for sure 😉


    • djjedredy · April 6

      I do have this already Andreas with the rubbery mask thing but go ahead! 🙂

  5. Andreas · April 8

    files are postet …have fun

    • djjedredy · April 8

      Thanks will post them up when I return to the 90’s in a few weeks time! 🙂

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