The Fatback Band – I Found Lovin’ (12″)

fatbackbandUbiquitous party tune that I didn’t know was sooo electronic. From 1983 (not the 1987 re-release) and a classic, the 12″ is worth a listen especially the semi-dubbed “Dub Mix”, an interesting version. The late Steve Walsh had a massive hit with his call-and-response version from the late 80’s but the original is far superior.

A I Found Lovin’ (Remix) 7:10
B1 I Found Lovin’ (LP Version)
B2 I Found Lovin’ (Dub)



Grandmaster Melle Mel & The Furious Five – Pump Me Up (12″)

grandmaaasteryFrom 1985 and the much sampled “Pump It Up” from one of the original hip hop crews on the immortal Sugarhill Record Label. This UK 12″ contains the wonderful Megamelle Mix (a megamix by UK Dj Sanny X) on the B-side giving a quick snapshot of their previous hits ,including the Message, in a slightly cheesy but typical 80’s Megamix. The main track is based on Trouble Funks original and comes with the added bonus of an instrumental on the B-side.

A Pump Me Up
B1 The Megamelle Mix (1.Step Off, 2.The Message, 3.Beat Street,

4.New York New York, 5.World War 3, 6.New York New York,

7.It’s Nasty (Genius Of Love)

B2 Pump Me Up (Instrumental)

Complete with amusing vid…

Orion – Star Trek (12″)

starryteccov From 1992 and a bit of a weird, techno tribute to Star Trek from German duo Orion (a.k.a. The Wild Boys – Thomas Gesell and Willi Grossman) It is quite a faithful reproduction with all the orchestra bits and phaser noises but no sound bites from Spock or Kirk mashed in with an old skool rave backing track. Not too everyone’s taste, B-side is a more stand alone techno track, quite polished production considering its age.

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ZYX 6742-12

Star Trek (Tekkno Radio Version) 3:49
Star Trek (Tekkno Mix) 6:11
Star Phaser 4:01


More From Dave….


By old mucker Dave has been very busy lately on his third album and this cut, in particular, is getting feet tapping and appreciative nods over on BBC Radio’s Introducing, even a certain Mr. Tom Robinson is getting the vibe.Intelligent lyrics, tongue in cheek humour, swirling guitars and Thomas Dolby could be playing on backing keyboards……All from the North Of England have a listen !

Hal feat. Gillian Anderson – Extemis (12″)

gillyaA couple of dance tracks that have a Sci-Fi connection to them now.

First up is on that features X-Files eye-candy, Gillian Anderson. From 1997 this is a average slice of techno, industrial/techno. The Download Mix suffers from a lot of crackles and noise and I have had trouble tracking it down on the web. Download was a side project of Skinny Puppy’s Kevin Cey with Phil Western and is suitably weird with Anderson’s spoken vocals running from halfway. The unsullied side is a more straight up techno track which doesn’t really use the vocals at all,

The video is a slice of soft porn with the original version of the track taking on a trip hop style, wish I had it 😦


A01 Extremis (Qattara Remix)
B01 Extremis (Download Mix)

Yello – Of Course I’m Lying (Double Pack 12″)

coursedcovWhilst searching for some requested re-ups I came across this double pack that I copied a while ago. It has both Metropolitan Mixes (a mega mix commissioned by Paul Dakeyne) and the superb and much neglected title track with Billy Mackenzie’s ethereal backing vocals complimenting Dieter’s broken, half spoken vocals. The inclusion of “Oh Yeah” and “Bostich” proves that Mercury were really going for the wider market.



A1 Of Course I’m Lying 3:48
A2 Oh Yeah (Dance Mix) 5:09
B The Yello Metropolitan Mixdown 1989 Part I 10:52
B.1 Dakeyne Intro
B.2 The Race
B.3 Bostich
B.4 Call It Love (Trego Snare)
B.5 Santiago
B.6 Tied Up
B.7 Vicious Games
B.8 I Love You
B.9 Oh Yeah


A1 Of Course I’m Lying  
A2 Bostich  
B The Yello Metropolitan Mixdown 1989 Part II  
B.1 Dakeyne Intro
B.2 The Rhythm Divine
B.3 Goldrush
B.4 Desire
B.5 La Habanera
B.6 Blazing Saddles
B.7 Domingo
B.8 Live At The Roxy
B.9 Pin Ball Cha Cha
B.10 Swing

S’Express – Superfly Guy (12″)

Back to some old skool , vintage House from 1988 and Mark Moore’s and Pascal Gabriel’s follow up to “The Theme From S’Express.” I think it is better, the samples are a lot more obscure and I think we have Seal on some of the backing vocals. Two quality B-sides with the slightly rude “Lolly-Pop” and the groovy “Funky Killer”


Platform 1
A Superfly Guy
Platform 2
B1 Lolly-Pop
B2 Funky Killer

Phil Collins – In the Air Tonight ’88 Remix (12″)

Well after the success of Blue Monday ’88 I thought as I might as well put up the ’88 Remix of this classic. A tune given a bit of a late 80’s redux with added keyboards and sampled orchestra hits. The incessant drums are a lot louder throughout and the song doesn’t build up to that fantastic crescendo with the gated drums making an entrance. They are here but I feel played through a sampler via the mixing desk. Ben Liebrand did an okay job but the record company put the original on the flipside so you can compare the Phil Collin’s extended version to Liebrand’s! No competition, the original wins although the track suffers from a lot of crackle. Another old hit from the first album, “I Missed Again” is included. All Motown horns I remembered it straight away and still don’t like it!



I still like the Cadbury’s Gorilla drumming tho’

Virgin VST 102

A In The Air Tonight (Extended Version)
B1 In The Air Tonight (’88 Remix)
B2 I Missed Again