Billy Ocean – Suddenly (12″)

billyoceanedA reader request prompts the old saying , ask and you shall receive ! So here you are Tim!

(Still need to dig out the ZTT Sampler album and the 12″ copy of “Enter The Angel” by John Foxx to fulfil some more longstanding requests….found the ZTT sampler!!)

The main track is a Wedding song standard (isn’t most of Billy Ocean’s stuff!) and in a previous life I was a DJ for many a social at Barrow Golf Club and Billy was a firm favourite can’t say I’ve listened to most of his stuff since. “Lucky Man” is quite a nice slice of synth funk and I would of loved those 2 Megamixes, suitably messed around with like all good 80’s twelves, not very s-s-sss-subtle! Amazing production for 1984! The Dance Mix was by Martin McSweeney of the Music Factory and is over 9 minutes long. The Sanny Mix sounding like something from ZTT a splendid find, thanks Tim!



Jive T90

A-Side: 1. Suddenly 2. Lucky Man

B-Side: 1. Dance Mix 2. Sanny X Mix

5 thoughts on “Billy Ocean – Suddenly (12″)”

  1. Thank you for remembering the Foxx 12″ :o) May I also remind you of those Thomas Dolby 12″s that you posted – “Hot Sauce” and “Dolby’s Cube”…

    As for Ocean, I much prefer “Lucky Man” to “Suddenly”, like 80s synthfunk a lot!

  2. Hola…!
    Soy de Venezuela y me sorprende mucho volver a escuchar este mixtape, que me transporta a 1985 cuando tenia 15 años de edad.
    Este disco solo llego al pais en 45 rpm y era colocado por las emisoras de radio. Sobre todo los viernes en la noche.
    Muchas Gracias por tomarse el tiempo de digitalizarlo y subirlo a la web.
    Buen blog…

  3. Hi, could you re-post billy ocean-suddenly 12″ please as I lost it when we got a new laptop, many thanks

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