Various Artists – Upfront 6,The Cat’s Whiskers (Vinyl LP)


Wow this took ages to record and clean up!

From 1987 and right at the birth of house music this was from Serious Records, a label which gathered together all the club white labels at the time to bring them over to the mainstream on a series of compilation albums, sometimes including rare mixes. As it is on a 10 track album I wouldn’t imagine any DJ playing these in their set because they are just too quiet! Thanks to modern technology I’ve amped up the tracks for your listening pleasure.

What have we got that makes it “The Cat’s Whisker’s?”

Well! Sybil gives us a soulful slice of house with jazzy overtones. Millie Scott brings the tempo down for some more soulful stuff. Full House goes deeper with the bass and hi-hat. Eleanore Mills give more of a latino vibe with some spikey sax and the vocals that have been sampled by others to death. T.C. Curtis gives a sneaky nod to Cameo in a more R & B tempo. More vocal house thanks to Marshall Jefferson as “On The House”. Pete Waterman does quite a different remix of the Mel & Kim classic, a lot tougher and less commercial. “Can U Dance” still has that menacing synth bassline and kicks like a classic should. Zushii has more of a lazy Med vibe, new jack swing beat. Finishing with the great voice of Keni Stephens. They don’t make them like they use to, phew, thanks!


Full Tracklist.

A1 Sybil Let Youself Go (Extended Dance Mix) (7:53), A2 Millie Scott Let’s Talk It Over (Album Cut) (4:50), A3 Full House Communicate (Sprint Appella Mix) (6:34), A4 Eleanore Mills Mr.Right (Club Mix) (5:58), A5 T.C. Curtis Love’s Got Me On A Merry-Go-Round (Fairground Dance Mix) (5:55), B1 On The House Give Me Back The Love (Club Mix) (7:27), B2 Mel&Kim Respectable (Tabloid Mix) (6:55), B3 Kenny `Jammin` Jason & `Fast` Eddie Smith Can U Dance (Club Mix) (6:04), B4 ZUSHii Surprise Surprise (Re-Mix) (6:30), B5 Keni Stevens Cannot Live Without Your Love (Original Album Mix) (3:30),

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