Peter Godwin – Cruel Heart (12″)

godwinnery Frontman for late 70’s cult band, Metro, Peter Godwin released a couple of solo albums in the early 80’s. This has all the right ingredients for the time, funky bass , horns , Linn drum machine and icy synths. Sounding a bit like the Cars and the vocals have a Bryan Ferry inflection about them, in a good way. The synths are more prominent on the instrumental version and you get an extended version of previous single “Luxury” as an additional track, which sounds much more New Wave, nice!



A Cruel Heart
B1 Luxury (Extended Version)
B2 Cruel Heart (Instrumental)

2 thoughts on “Peter Godwin – Cruel Heart (12″)”

  1. Yes! Peter’s one of my favourites from the early 1980s, his songs have that certain something about them, very romantic, atmospheric and elegant. This one is a bit lesser than his fantastic trio of singles (Torch Songs, Emotional Disguise and Images of Heaven), but still very good (I prefer the b-side, I think). With Peter you can’t go wrong, really :o)

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