Gary Numan – Warriors (12″)

garywarrior Your frequent, fortnightly Gary Numan update.

From 1983 and with Numan back to bleached hair and donning Mad Max leathers, this marks his brief collaboration with one of my favourites, Bill Nelson (who also co-produced the subsequent album but had his name removed after a falling out!). Nelson’s E Bow guitar is all over this,as Numan goes all rock/funk in a style change just like what Bowie used to do! Back from America this change of direction again divided fans .Amazingly, Joe Hubbard played the bass on this not Pino Paladino. B-sides “My Car Slides 1 & ” are of the usual high quality. One slow and dark, the other dancier and having saxophone, very Bill Nelson!



The ultimate video of “how successful I have become” , good on him!

(Warning – Not the best piece of vinyl I’ve had the pleasure to digitize!)

BEG 95(T)

A Warriors
B1 My Car Slides (1)
B2 My Car Slides (2)

3 thoughts on “Gary Numan – Warriors (12″)”

  1. Another great Numan post! The 12″ version is excellent and as you have said the B-sides are again at a time when he wrote tracks good enough to be on albums rather than b-sides. Apparently the Bill Nelson produced version of the album Numan scrapped and did his own version – it would be very interesting to hear the original!

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