Malcolm McLaren & The Bootzilla Orchestra – Waltz Darling (Vinyl LP)

waltzmontage From 1989 and the bewildering mix of classical music and (for the time) electronic dance music from the late, great Malcolm Mclaren. Smoothly produced and bulging with ideas this was greeted with mixed reactions from the critics. Mostly female vocals lead the tracks with guest musicians such as Bootsy Collins, Jeff Beck and remixers Mark Moore and William Orbit get some time to develop the tracks.  Some of its lyrics are to fashion, possibly as a result of McLaren’s relationship with designer Vivienne Westwood. The last track is a cracker and it went down well with fans of the Balearic dance scene.

House Of The Blue Danube (An Instrumental) 4:54
Something’s Jumpin’ In Your Shirt 4:51
Waltz Darling 4:27
Shall We Dance 4:40
Deep In Vogue 4:02
Call A Wave 4:14
Algernon’s Simply Awfully Good At Algebra 4:01
I Like You In Velvet 5:17

Shut Up And Dance feat. Erin – The Art Of Moving Butts (Remix) (12″)

Some more Shut Up And Dance stuff now, moving onto 1992 and the simple , rave tinged slice of old skool. Vocals provided by the mysterious Erin and the breaks and bleeps by Smiley and P.J. It is pretty formulaic stuff and something which probably could be  knocked up by some 13 year old bedroom D.J. on his laptop or phone nowadays. Still a slab of musical nostalgia. Nothing different between the mixes just one longer that t’other.

The Art Of Moving Butts (Remix) (Vocal Edit) 3:23
The Art Of Moving Butts (Remix) 5:15

Adé – Free Your Soul (12″)

adepic Discovered singing in a nightclub by the pioneering founders of Shut Up And Dance Records , Smiley and P.J. , this Nigerian born vocalist had is debut with this breakbeat heavy promo from 1990.

With quite a gospel style with a harder backing track this typified what the label and its founders were aiming for, simple and powerful club music. The normal version works out a deep house groove. A rare gem for any dance anoraks out there.


A Free The Soul
B Free The Soul (Club Version)

Tack >> Head – Ticking Time Bomb (12″)

From 1989 and nice slice of Leftfield Beatism. As many have mentioned the instruments of the time defined the era (think Ministry, Skinny Puppy & Meat Beat Manifesto) William S Burrough’s samples (amongst others) and a prophetic message. It’s huge beats, wobbly synths and live, overdubbed guitar. Thank you Mr. Adrian Sherwood & Friends


A1 Ticking Time Bomb 2:50
A2 Ticking Time Bomb Dub 6:18
B Body To Burn 3:09

The Leather Nun – I Can Smell Your Thoughts (Remix)

leathernunery Well with a name like that you would be expecting some industrial stomping , even the song title hints towards kink. However, this release from 1987 is more alternative rock with guitars and bass rather than snarling and samplers.

The Leather Nun (originally named “Lädernunnan”) were from Gothernburg, Sweden and had been around the Swedish alternative scene since 1978, not averse to court controversy they showed gay porn during live sets and sold condom’s after gigs. A true 80’s Cult band. Apparently this is a different version to the album one. It’s backed by the gentle, acoustic of “Falling Apart” and a re recorded version of “506” about loneliness and isolation.


WRMS 014

A I Can Smell Your Thoughts (Remix)
B1 Falling Apart
B2 506 (Re-visited)

Matt Fretton – Dance It Up (12″)

frettoncovA bit of a tribute to an 80’s singer that took his own life over 2 years ago after losing the love of his life, photographer Sussie Ahlburg , through a tragic swimming accident the previous year. Fretton emerged on the music scene in the early Eighties, touring with Depeche Mode from 1982 till 1984. He went on to support many of the decade’s most prominent artists including the Eurythmics, Boomtown Rats and Billy Idol. This track was from 1983 and is synth assisted soul with a horn section and sampled steel drums, ably produced by Brian Tench.  Backing vocals were provided by Fairground Attraction’s Eddi Reader, then a jobbing session singer who had been in Eurythmics live band. It also featured vocal group, 14 Karat Soul, who are superb on the Acappella version giving the song a soulful edge.




A Dance It Up (Extended Version) 4:22
B1 Dance It Up (Instrumental Version) 3:03
B2 Dance It Up (Acapella Version) 2:54

The Flowerpot Men – Jo’s So Mean (12″)

flowerpotmenfrontcovI had this on a TDK – AD90 , taped off the radio and stumbled across the vinyl ,completed by chance, last week!

Wow! This predates the industrial sound, especially Nine Inch Nails by years. Released on indie label COMPOST Records in 1984 and produced by Steve Severin this was their debut release. Sounding like Swamp Blues over a Teutonic sequenced bass, it is certainly different!  The “Men” were Ben Watkins (later to be Juno Reactor) and Adam Peters (who emerged as part of synth duo Neulander as well as Sunsonic with Watkins) and they released 5 more singles. Other tracks are the superb and superior Goth electro of “Rapids” and the weird instrumental of “UG”. If you like the band Suicide, have a listen! No vid sorry!



A Jo’s So Mean To Josephine 5:33
B1 Rapids 3:51
B2 UG 3:30