Art Of Noise – Edited (12 ” Picture Disc)

editedfrontcov And a thing of beauty, a piece of 80’s Art that I snaffled up last weekend. A slightly different and superior version of their “Close To The Edit” track this is amazingly over 30 years old!! 2 nice B-sides which were new to me in these mixes.

For the anorak fans of ZTT this is for you, shame picture disc quality was never as good as the old black vinyl, but this isn’t so bad…gulp!





A Edited 5:32
B1 Close Up (Hop) 5:10
B2 A Time To Clear (It Up) 3:32

7 thoughts on “Art Of Noise – Edited (12 ” Picture Disc)”

  1. utterly lovely looking disc, wish I would run across one during my vinyl-digs….. another one for the wish-list! Thanks so much for posting it!!

  2. The link was dead. Would you please consider reposting this Art Of Noise release? Thank you. Thanks for your time.

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