The Blow Monkeys – The Man From Russia (12″)

monkeyslive The best thing about doing an 80’s blog is you find out stuff you would of dismissed by your prejudiced, teenage ears back in the day. I was shocked to find that the Blow Monkeys started out as more of an indie sounding, guitar band. I had obviously dismissed them at the time for being a coffee-table, rolled-up-jacket-sleeved, white soul band. Which they did turn out to be, with Dr Robert preening away!

From 1984 and off their debut album , “Limping For A Generation” this has plenty of jangle and brass and isn’t half bad! Produced by Peter Wilson (Style Council, Comsat Angels) it has that clear, mid 80’s production and the press actually heralded them as the next “Smiths” ! B-side, “Resurrection Love” continues the Indie guitar with a bit of saxophone thrown in for good measure. “Slither” nods towards their later jazz leanings in an accomplished instrumental.

RCAT 418

A The Man From Russia 3:11
B1 Resurrection Love 3:10
B2 Slither 3:32

One thought on “The Blow Monkeys – The Man From Russia (12″)”

  1. I love this song, particularly for Howard’s vocal, but have come to prefer the “Man From Russia [re-mix]” on the “Digging Your Scene” 10″ single. It’s not actually a remix, but a re-recording with a more soul sounding production from the following year with some super smoov guitar from Dr. Robert. The jarring Eastern Bloc sax solo on the bridge was replaced with a tasty guitar solo instead, and the much of the darkness of the original has been Photoshopped out of the cut.

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