Gary Numan – Music For Chameleons (12″)

Saturday Night LiveYour Numan dose for this fortnight is this funky number from 1982 when he started wearing a trilby and getting into funky bass lines from Pino Palladino. I still love it after all these years but never could understand what he was singing about! B sides comprise of the almost pre industrial sound of “Noise Noise”, expanding on the blueprint left by “Metal” (with input from pop duo Dollar and Theresa Bazars backing vocals !!!)Β and the humorous, live jam of “Bridge ? What Bridge” (Bridge being in the musical sense)Apparently Β a test recording for a particular bridge, the final version of which appears in the 1981 live version of ‘Remember I was Vapour’ and it is Mick Karn on bass.

NEW LINK 2017 Version 2 !!!! (Dec 2017!)


It wouldn’t be the same if I did not include this classic clip…..


A Music For Chameleons (Extended Version)
B1 Noise Noise
B2 Bridge? What Bridge?


  1. Mark · February 4, 2017

    Another request to re-up please?

  2. Mark · April 13, 2017

    Can you re-up please, thanks!

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  4. Grebo Guru · December 15

    Alan Partridge thanks you πŸ˜‰

  5. MATT · March 18

    I love this track and really most stuff from Gary. Nice to hear it on original vinyl. Thanks

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