Gary Numan – My Dying Machine (12″)

bluegaryI love having a mostly vinyl blog because you don’t know what-ya-going-ta-get when you’re diggin’ in a crate of records . Hence the beginning of this track has a little help with my index finger, okay it bloody jumps about a bit for the first 10 seconds but it is PHYSICAL AND THUS REAL, apologies mmm it is simply produced as god intended! From 1995 and on his own label , Mr. Numan  gives this prophetic message in his blue, Samurai phase.

“Why make speeches? Why give orders? Give me a reason to die”

“No more questions No more answers All that’s left is the fear”

A tougher sound and the second single off the 1984 album , “Berserker” It goes on a little bit longer than needed but includes lots of new sounds for the time. A more synth based sound, it was released on his own Numa Records and uses the then new PPG Wave. Again 2 quality B-sides. “Here Am I” is a slow burner with plenty of Sax and fretless bass by Martin Elliot. “She Cries” sounds a bit like Japan, lots of E Bow guitars and more fretless bass and sounding like it came of the “Dance” album sessions.



A My Dying Machine 9:16
B1 Here Am I 5:36
B2 She Cries 5:52

4 thoughts on “Gary Numan – My Dying Machine (12″)”

  1. Another great Numan post! this was Numan’s ‘Iceman’ image phase and the real start of the downturn in fortunes. Berserker is a great album so have a listen, This Is New Love (performed on the Leo Sayer show complete with dodgy version of On Broadway with Tik and Tok!) is standout as is the ballad track A Child With the Ghost. B-side to Berserker the single is Empty Bed Empty Heart which is another classic Numan b-side.

  2. In my opinion, one of the stand out tracks from this era of Numan’s songwriting, which was shortly to go into a real decline. Great to see him at the top of his game currently. Could I get a reup please? Thank you. Best wishes M

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