Gary Numan ‎– I Can’t Stop (10″)

(A old but re-vamped post with the Club Mix replacing the Extended Mix, not researched if they are that different)

A bit of Gary Numan, from his Tuxedo wearing era!! From 1986 and it doesn’t half sound it!  Female vocals , early samples and heavy metal guitars, dark an rocky. Girlfriend, Tracey Adams , appears in the video as well as lots of his planes!! The B-side is quite an eerie instrumental called “Faces” that uses spoken sound bites to great effect This came out on his own Numa label and had a free flexi-disc promoting artists from the label and introduced by Gary, clever marketing although I’ve never heard of Hohokam or Steve Braun. On the middle of the single-sided flexi-disc was written; (I’ve included it as “Numa Preview” in the folder)

‘This Free Flexi Disc contains an introduction by Gary Numan to short samples of Steve Brauns’ singles ‘When I See Your Eyes’ NU/M 12 and ‘Love Could Be So Good’ NU/M 15 both available in your shops now, and Hohokam’s current single ‘Harlequin Tears’ NU/M 8 and their follow up single ‘Don’t You Know’ NU/M 18 available July and taken from their forthcoming album. ‘

NEW LINK 2017!!

Numa ‎– NUDJ 17sam_8112


A I Can’t Stop (Extended Mix) 6:48
B Faces 4:42
  • Plus the Flexi Disc introducing a couple of new bands on the Numa label.


  1. post post modern dad (@ppmdad) · January 5, 2015

    Most excellent – and thank you for including the flexi!!

  2. Wolfie45 · January 9, 2015

    I remember this period very well as I was into buying all the formats of Numan’s singles at the time so there was a 10″ mix and also 12″ Picture Disc mix too. It charted lower reaches 28 I think. Both Hohokam’s and Steve Braun’s output are really good, of their time of course but if you can get hold of the 12″ versions they are worth it.

    B side Faces is another example of an excellent Numan b-side – Survival which is the B side to This Is Love which was off the same album Strange Charm that features both is also worth a look.

    • djjedredy · January 9, 2015

      Thanks for the detailed info ! 🙂

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  4. MATT · January 15, 2017

    Thanks for this one and yes I was confused at first 🙂

  5. Mark · April 14, 2017

    Can you re-up please, thanks.

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