Eskimos & Egypt – Don’t U Do It! (Promo 12″)

eskycov Still from Manchester and a bit of Ravey Techno from Eskimos & Egypt. Chris O’Hare & Co produced a slice of crossover Indie-techno that does sound a little dated now, but it was “of its time” (1991) and so it should be give the benefit of the doubt. Rave sirens and it sounds a bit Pop Will Eat Itself with the guitar licks. Four quality mixes with the “live” mix having a bit of a housey-piano feel to it.

One Little Indian – EEF 92T

A1 Don’t U Do It! (Killer Mix) 5:03
A2 Don’t U Do It! (Exocet) 4:00
B1 Don’t U Do It! (Exocet Instrumental) 4:00
B2 Don’t U Do It! (Live At New Mount Street) 4:14

One thought on “Eskimos & Egypt – Don’t U Do It! (Promo 12″)”

  1. People hi i im nebeski from Method of Dance you saved my life i have that vinyl rip 4 years but song no 4 is damaged my fiends from Russia have cd maxi single France issue i try to ask him
    thank you for the post i have now all singles collection of Eskimos and Egypt again

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