Backjack – Black Ink Mix (12″)

blackjackcovFrom 1987/8 on the Champion Records label (One Step Ahead) comes this weird party mix. We find dance music starting to produce cover’s of it’s own tracks (I blame Jive Bunny & The Mixmaster’s), this contains music and samples from ‘Jingo’, ‘Axel F.’, ‘Fill The Floor’ and ‘Can U Dance’ in a sort of copy rather than an exact sample from the originals. Produced and mixed by Hard Time Productions and Mixmaster B, it is delightfully dated. All the mixes are quite similar, “Part 3” being my favourite. Did people actually use the word “Jack” ?

CHAMP 12-59


A1 Black Jack Mix (Part 1) 5:40
A1 Black Jack Mix (Part 2) 6:30
B Black Jack (Part 3) 6:30

5 thoughts on “Backjack – Black Ink Mix (12″)”

  1. Not sure you can really blame the 1989 phenomenon of Jive Bunny for a record that came out in 1987! Maybe blame Mirage and their “Jack Mix” records instead?

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