Ride- Fall E.P. (12″)

rideboys An early Christmas present for some regulars ?

These guys are reforming to do a few gigs next year, a lot of people are happy about this. Me, I arrived at the Ride party when there was only Malibu left so have been trying t catch up every since. Godfather’s of Shoegaze this was their 3rd E.P. , a 4 tracker from 1990, recorded at the famous Blackwing Studio’s with Alan Moulder on mixing duties (he later went on to do a load of stuff with Curve and Depeche Mode) The famous wall of guitars is here with the dreamy vocals swapped between Andy Bell and Mark Gardner. My favourite is the very weird , almost experimental “Nowhere” dark with a random harmonica going on the background, it simmers away.

So quite a rare and expensive bit of vinyl that I treated my self from the guys at Endless Records up in Prestwich, I try and pop in there at least once a month. (Whatta blatent Plug!)





A1 Dreams Burn Down
A2 Taste
B1 Here And Now
B2 Nowhere




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