The Associates – Breakfast (12″)

the-associates-breakfast-wea-3Lately I’ve been getting into songs with orchestral backing, John Grant’s current album with the Northern Philharmonic  and Visages “Classical ” spring to mind. Out of the original, orchestrated classics, “Vienna” by Ultravox, “Waves”  by Blancmange and “Breakfast” by The Associates are all in my Top 30 songs.

Powerful , melancholic and memorable, Billy shows off his full, passionate range. This is the full version complete with the instrumental “Alone” beautifully produced by Martin Rushent.  Of more interest is a B-side, Kites. A cover version of Simon Dupree and the Big Sound’s  Psychedelic masterpiece from the 60’s. It is given a new wave club feel which really works.


A1 Breakfast 5:31
B1 Breakfast Alone 5:49
B2 Kites 5:55





6 thoughts on “The Associates – Breakfast (12″)”

  1. You’re the best!! Listening to the long version of Breakfast Alone as I write this. Quite moving, isn’t it…
    Thank you again,

  2. Hi again,
    I’ve listened to Breakfast (vocal version) as well now. I hadn’t done it before because i thought it would be the album version. Turns out it sounds a little different : some extra reverb and added strings ! I had no idea the track was remixed for the 12″. Thanks again !

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