Annabel Lamb – Riders On The Storm (12″)

A dreamy , synth led cover version of The Doors classic from 1983 that made the top 30 for singer/songwriter Annabel Lamb. Married to producerbellylamb Wally Brill this version keeps the Hammond organ and guitar licks but may not be to everyone’s liking due to the sequenced bass, even with Ray Manzarek guesting on the piano solo / keyboards.

B-side has a slight reggae feel to it, “No Cure”, social commentary with pan pipes!!

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A Riders On The Storm 6:00
B1 Riders On The Storm (Dub Version) 5:36
B2 No Cure 4:50



Gary Numan – She’s Got Claws (12″)

garyclawscovFrom 1981 and the change-of-direction single that divided followers of Numan. Cue Trilby and Fretless Bass and saxophone (both courtesy of Mick Karn) and a taster for the album, “Dance”, it was his 7th single, all dark funk. Here’s the list of musicians, another thing I miss being on the sleeves of 80’s records (handclaps eh?)

Gary Numan (Vocals, Odyssey, Roland JP4, Piano, CR78, Prophet 5),Cedric Sharpley (drums)Christopher Payne (Violas)Mick Karn (Bass, Saxophone) and John Webb ( handclaps)

Slightly longer than the 7″ version it has a superb bassline, as you would expect! Backed by the primal screaming over bubbling sequencer of “I Sing Rain” and the little hidden gem “Exhibition”, slow and moody and using a Foxx “Metal Beat” drum machine, a track from the “Telekon” era.



A She’s Got Claws 4:59
B1 I Sing Rain 2:29
B2 Exhibition 4:30


Japan – Cantonese Boy (12″)


From 1982 and finding Japan at the peak of their popularity. Still Arty and experimental they cut their own way through the busy charts of the early 80’s. Off the album “Tin Drum” , their final album, the Eastern influences are all here including the incredible fretless WAL bass of Mick Karn. Weird but beautiful, synth instrumental, “The Experience Of Swimming” and the full, proper version of “Gentlemen….”, fully E bowed up and a signature tune, R.I.P. Mick Karn.


Cracking live performance….synths…synths……synths!!!!

A1 Cantonese Boy 3:44
A2 The Experience Of Swimming 4:02
B Gentlemen Take Polaroids 7:06

Spandau Ballet – She Loved Like Diamond (12″)


The single that flopped big style back in 1982 and remains quite forgotten by even fans. Produced by Richard James Burgess and starting like a cross between Japan and Roxy Music, this was off the second album, “Diamond” This short 12″ contains both the extended version (at a massive 3 minutes 37 seconds long!) and an instrumental version (*Warning due to the risky and random nature of picking up old vinyl this particular copy is a bit rough especially the B-side…Apologies it did look okay on a visual check!)



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Video of them skulking around Bath in a moody fashion.

Chrysalis ‎– CHS 12 2585

A She Loved Like Diamond 3:37
B She Loved Like Diamond (Instrumental) 2:55


Karl Fialka – Hey Matthew (12″)

Political Protest Synthpop anyone? From 1987 and the very prophetic “Hey Matthew” from Karl Fialka. All about how a young mind interprets all the real stuff on the news and their aspirations for the future. All synthed up but not extended , one of a few 12″s that are , weirdly,  exactly the same as the 7″ (GRRRR!) this is best viewed with the video. Fialka was an Indian born British singer songwriter (Scottish Mum, Czech father) and is a bit of an underground, cult artist. More social issues are evident on the B-side “The Things I Saw” under a more minimalist synth backing.

 I.R.S. Records ‎– IRMT 140
A Hey Matthew
B The Things I Saw

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Arcadia – Election Day (Cryptic Cut – No Voice) (12″)

arcadiastripsFrom 1985 and the probably not so rare “Cryptic Cut” mix of “Election Day”. Arcadia was the Duran offshoot to rival Power Station. Rhodes, Le Bon and Taylor surrounded themselves with the highest studio tech and famous musicians to produce a more “electronic” sounding Duran Duran. It worked really well! The mix is basically a dub of the original (hence the No Voice label) and features the full Grace Jones speech (again in Vampire mode) the full Andy McKay (Roxy Music, Explorers) saxophone solo (amazing)

For people who like the normal version the 7″ is on the B-side along with the normal extended “Consensus” Mix


Another “Mini Movie” for a video below…… pretentious, how very 80’s!

Parlophone ‎– 12 NSRA 1

A Election Day Cryptic Cut (No Voice) 8:26
B1 Election Day (7″ Mix) 4:30
B2 Election Day (Consensus Mix) 8:34

Nik Kershaw – Wide Boy (12″)

nikhair Pop! Pop! Pop!

Looking at the history of the blog, classic 80’s Pop always seems to go down well, specifically a killer 12″ Mix. Nik Kershaw produced some great Twelves. Weirdly this was not on here and provides an alternative take on what was one of his weaker tracks.

B-sides include a remix of “Shame On You” (from debut album “Human Racing”) a bit more funky and with more Brass stabs in it. The other track is “So Quiet” a piano and synth strings ballad that ,dare I say, Barry Manilow would be proud of !!! Tim Moore tickles the ivories for him.



It came with a “mini movie” video you can enjoy below.


A Wide Boy 5:07
B1 Shame On You 3:39
B2 So Quiet 3:07

All About Eve – Our Summer (12″)

All About Eve So a bit of a late post on a Sunday night as the fatigue of Whitby Goth Festival lifts.

From 1987 and some early All About Eve, keeping the swirly Goth theme and quite appropriate seeing that it was the hottest Halloween on record!

Produced by Wayne Hussey and Simon Hinkler (who were in The Mission) this is quite an uptempo , almost dance floor friendly offering in the slightly longer extended mix. Julianne Regan beautiful vocals carry this feel good tune along. “Lady Moonlight” is an acoustic beauty with haunting lyrics. “Shelter From The Rain” was a track of the debut album and is another awesome, atmospheric track.

A Our Summer (Extended Mix) 4:29
B1 Lady Moonlight 4:29
B2 Shelter From The Rain 5:19