The Christians – What’s In A Word (12″)

christianedSomeone mentioned they would like to see some Christians up on here, seeing that it’s Sunday I acquired this little gem released in 1992. Smooth and soulful, ideal for a Sunday afternoon chill. This was taken from their 3rd Album, “Happy In Hell” , which is also included. The thing I liked about them was they always some interesting electronics going on in the background, it wasn’t just harmonized soul over a traditional backing, “Forgotten Town” being a fine example of this mix of technology and soul. This was produced by Martyn Phillips and in places reminds me of Propaganda’s “Heaven Give Me Words”  Here in the definitive , full length version with all its electro bubbling’s. Additionally, “Happy In Hell” showcases those famous harmonies with a rerecorded, older B-side, “You Never Know” that has some interesting , spoken word samples in it.

NEW LINK 2016!!


Island Records ‎– 12 IS 536

A What’s In A Word (Full Length Version)
B1 Happy In Hell
B2 You Never Know


2 thoughts on “The Christians – What’s In A Word (12″)”

  1. Great post. Missed out on this release when it came out. Now a part of my library. Thanks again for a great post.


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