Sisters Of Mercy – Dominion (12″)

sisterly No one can write about the apocalypse better than Andrew Eldritch. Doom and gloom from 1988 with the bizarre involvement of a certain Jim Steinman (the man who produced Meatloaf’s Bat Out Of Hell) This is just the single version without the “Mother Russia” added bit, as ground breaking as the more well known “This Corrision.” This sees Eldritch finally define himself as the anti-rock star he always wanted to be , helped by his then partner the vampish , Patricia Morrison.

The other tracks comprise of “Untitled” , a slowed down instrumental that uses parts of “Dominion”, “Sandstorm”, a short saxophone led track that appears at the start of the video and the wonderful, passionate cover version “Emma”. This track was originally recorded by Hot Chocolate in 1974 and was co-written by Errol Brown, it is slightly different to the original, that is all I am saying!


Merciful Release -MR43T

A1 Dominion 5:06
A2 Untitled 3:36
B1 Sandstorm 1:46
B2 Emma 6:23

5 thoughts on “Sisters Of Mercy – Dominion (12″)”

  1. Hurray for Sisters Of Mercy cover versions! Whether serious (Gimme Shelter) or not so much (Emma, Jolene, Kylie’s Confide In Me!) they’re always worth a listen.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this band! Never get tired of it! I wish they would settle their dispute with the record label and record some new material!

    Steinman’s influence is evident in the fact that the songs seem to endlessly loop for about 10 minutes, much like Meat Loaf songs and “Eclipse Of The Heart”. which was also produced by him … bizarre deviation indeed, but we forget that BAT OUT OF HELL was actually considered HEAVY METAL at the time, so he probably thought he was super rad or something … lol

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