Then Jericho – The Motive (12″)

thencock Was there a more cocksure bunch of poseurs than Mark Shaw and his chums, Then Jericho ? The Lewis Hamilton of late 80’s guitar pop. Massively hyped but never quite cementing themselves amongst Simple Minds and U2 as leading stadium rockers, it never quite happened. This was their breakthrough hit from 1987, here with both the “Extended” and not very different “Midnight Mix” although you can’t go wrong with a Greg Walsh production. “The Word” was recorded live somewhere , I’m sure the crowd applause at the end was overdubbed, but it is lively enough! Alas happy memories for a lot of people so it goes on here.

London Records ‎– LON X 145

A The Motive (Extended) 5:55
B1 The Word (Live) 3:51
B2 The Motive (Midnight Mix) 5:55



One thought on “Then Jericho – The Motive (12″)”

  1. I’ve got their 2nd lp which was apparently all about the singers marriage break up – and strangely recall him giving away his leather jacket as a prize on going live or saturday superstore – strange what sticks with you!

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