Gary Numan – We Take Mystery (To Bed) (12″)

garywhite More “Funky” Numan now from 1982 and the fully immersed saxophone and bass guitar (Pino Palladino) splendour of “We Take Mystery” from the much maligned “I, Assassin” album. Full extended version with added electronic twiddles. The early version is slower and darker and I prefer it. Quality B-side (again!) “My Image Is” is in the old style with some classic synth sounds. Was Numan becoming Bowie at this point ?



Beggars Banquet ‎– BEG77T

A We Take Mystery (To Bed) (Extended Version) 7:42
B1 The Image Is 5:53
B2 We Take Mystery (Early Version) 5:55

6 thoughts on “Gary Numan – We Take Mystery (To Bed) (12″)”

  1. Another excellent post – one of my fave all time Numan songs. The 12″ version is brill and you’re right The Image Is another great ol’ b-side. He recently played it live with NIN when he guested with them much to the confusion of the US NIN fans ;). I, Assassin deffo worth a listen – Music For Chameleons (Alan Partridge anyone…) and A Dream Of Siam – give them a go……

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